Reunion Part Two - The SnowGoose
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10.jpg Ford Carothers and Jeanine Gregoire Ford Carothers and Jeanine Gregoire Denise Boss Mike McDowell
Bob Parsons and Jackie Cole   Mike McDowell and Jackie Cole Denise Boss and Rita Ingram Jeanine Gregoire
Kathy Belgard Julie Satterberg Ken Leach Jim Gottstein and Jeanine Gregoire Rosemary Avery, husband, Bob Parsons
Debbie Dunn Kathy Belgard and Mike McDowell Ford Carothers Jeanine Gregoire Debra Heifner and Kathy Belgard
40.jpg 41.jpg 43.jpg Reekie and Gottstein Laurie Hogue
photo taken by Dave (Debbie Dunn Julsen's friend)
SnowGoose at Sunset

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